• Digital X-Rays

  • Even if you don’t have any symptoms, there may be more going on with your oral health below the surface. X-rays can be used to generate radiographic images of areas the dentist is interested in viewing more in depth.

    Dr. Enneking and Dr. Kuhn’s specially trained team takes every precaution when using state of the art digital X-ray imaging technology. For over 28 years they have been safely taking images for patients from Gig Harbor and Seattle, Ballard, Magnolia, Green Lake, Port Orchard, Silverdale, and the surrounding areas to get a better understanding of each person’s oral health and discuss potential treatment options.

    What is digital X-ray imaging?

    X-ray beams are used to create a black and white image of your bones and teeth. Digital X-ray images are captured immediately, allowing the dentist to analyze them instantly and review the findings with you.

    Dr. Enneking and Dr. Kuhn’s advanced technology allows them to generate digital X-ray images quickly right in the office. The images are securely stored so Dr. Enneking and Dr. Kuhn can more efficiently treat you.

    Why should I have digital X-ray images taken?


    Establish Medical History

    When you are a new patient, the dentist may want to have digital X-ray images taken of your mouth to get a better idea of your present oral health status. This sets up a base level the dentist can reference later to better identify changes.  

    Uncover Issues

    Though you might not notice anything unusual, digital X-ray images may catch an issue that is going on in your teeth or jaw. Early detection is helpful in treating problems and may result in your health being improved sooner and potentially more cost effective.


    Images generated from digital X-rays can be great tools for the dentist to better diagnose problems you may be experiencing or catch an issue before it becomes a larger problem. X-ray imaging can find problems early on, which can help you avoid more drastic and expensive procedures later.

    These images can uncover:

    • Tooth decay hidden by fillings
    • Bone infections
    • Cavities between teeth
    • Periodontal disease
    • Tumors
    • Cysts or abscesses  

    How do I know if I should have a digital X-ray image taken?

    The dentist will look at your medical history, disease risk, age, and symptoms to determine how often you should have digital X-ray images taken.

    If you are ready to look into having digital X-ray images taken, go ahead and give Dr. Enneking and Dr. Kuhn a call at (253) 858-5869 or (206) 283-7844 to set up an appointment. Thier office is easy to get to Gig Harbor and Seattle offices offer the premiere dental care of WA area. Let Dr. Enneking and Dr. Kuhn show you why patients have been coming back for over 28 years. Proper upkeep and maintenance of your oral health is their top priority!